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At RSA, we know that every aspect of the journey matters.
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In the unfortunate event that a traveller needs to make a claim, we guarantee that we’ll settle it fairly and efficiently, so your client can get back on track. At RSA, we are committed to providing brilliant service and supporting traveller happiness. These pledges are part of everything we do, right through to the entire claims process. We pride ourselves on being empathetic to each traveller’s needs, and ensuring that each claim is dealt with quickly and compassionately.


Our claims are handled by Global Excel Management Inc., a highly knowledgeable team with specific industry experience and a sterling reputation. This expertise means that we can serve you and your clients efficiently by tailoring our support to the client, applying the right skills and the appropriate level of response for each claim.

We’re here for you

Rest assured that if an emergency does arise, we are always here to assist you and your clients with these important means of support:

  • Toll-free assistance, 24/7, anywhere in the world
  • Help in multiple languages
  • Case managers and nurses who will arrange and monitor treatment, support the traveller and their family and arrange evacuation if needed
  • Direct payment to the hospital, physician or other provider, where possible

Another reason for peace of mind: our Doctor-On-Call™ service for travellers to the United States allows them to reach a licensed US physician. In the case of an emergency, this often involves a home visit, so the traveller can remain in the comfort of their room.


™Doctor-On-Call is a trademark of Global Excel Management Inc.

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