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We offer a wide range of travel coverage and healthcare insurance to suit the lifestyles and situations of the many different types of travellers and trips. Whether your clients are Canadians travelling within or beyond Canada, visitors to Canada, or Canadians living abroad, we have coverage that offers the right protection for their journey. Here is an overview of our products, with links to coverage details so you can get all the information you need to help your customers make an informed decision.  


Travelling within or beyond Canada

Travel Insurance provides Canadian snowbirds and vacationers with a full range of medical and non-medical benefits while travelling between provinces or out of Canada.

Download the Travel Insurance product sheet for full details.

Group Travel Insurance enables Canadian employers, unions and associations to add multi-trip medical and non-medical emergency travel coverage to extended health group plans.

Coming to Canada

Visitors to Canada Travel Insurance provides comprehensive emergency medical insurance for individuals and families visiting Canada, and for new Canadians awaiting permanent resident status. It is available in a choice of coverage amounts ranging from $15,000 to $300,000, and fulfills Parent and GrandParent Super Visa requirements.

Download the Emergency Medical Insurance for Visitors to Canada product sheet for full details.

Emergency Medical Insurance for International Students is designed for foreign students pursuing short-term studies at recognized Canadian educational institutions, and for their family members who are not eligible for provincial government health insurance.

Download the International Student Emergency Medical Travel Insurance product sheet for full details. 

International Student Health Insurance provides emergency coverage and ongoing health benefits for foreign students pursuing long-term studies in Canada, and for their family members who are not eligible for government health insurance.

Download the International Student Health Insurance product sheet for full details.

Inpatriate Health Insurance is an employer sponsored health product. It provides comprehensive coverage for foreign nationals working in Canada. It also provides coverage for returning Canadians and their families who are awaiting government health insurance coverage.

Download the Inpatriate Health Insurance product sheet for full details. 


Living abroad

Individual Expatriate Health Insurance offers comprehensive medical coverage for Canadians living, working or studying abroad.

Download the Individual Expatriate Health Insurance product sheet for full details.


Other coverages

Priority Care Health Insurance provides Canadians with fast-track access to medical care for any health issue with a wait period of more than 14 days in their province of residence.

Download the Priority Care Health Insurance product sheet for full details.

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