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RSA offers a wide range of group travel and health insurance products for employers, associations, unions and member groups.

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We are committed to providing your organization with brilliant service and outstanding support. We will work with you to develop solutions that fit the particular needs of your organization and membership, to help ensure that all their travel experiences are positive ones. Here is an overview of our products, with links to full coverage details for more information.

Group Travel Insurance enables Canadian employers, unions and associations to add multi-trip medical and non-medical emergency travel coverage to extended health group plans.
Inpatriate Health Insurance is an employer sponsored health product. It provides comprehensive coverage for foreign nationals working in Canada. It also provides coverage for returning Canadians and their families who are awaiting government health insurance coverage.

Download the Inpatriate Health Insurance product sheet for full details. 

Priority Healthcare Insurance provides Canadians with fast-track access to medical care for any health issue with a wait period of more than 14 days in their province of residence.

Download the Priority Healthcare Insurance product sheet for full details.

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